Enjoy the finest in real American barbecue,
painstakingly cooked to perfection

Real American Barbecue

The great state of Texas is famous for its barbecue. Texas is said to be a holy land of barbecue culture.
This style of grilling uses charcoal and wood to gradually smoke the meat over many hours, thus locking in the juices and the flavor of the meat and leading to an aromatic finish.
The pitch black of the outside is a notable feature of meat cooked in this way.

Here at Kachibai, we use the same specialized barbecue grills that are used in the Lone Star State.
The hotel chef carefully applies sauce every 30 minutes while monitoring the temperature as the dish is cooked over the course of seven hours.

When people say “smoked barbecue,” the image that comes to mind is the “brisket”

Brisket is the cut of meat from the chest of the cow.
This part of the body is tough and has a lot of muscle so that it can support the body weight, but after long hours of smoking and roasting it softens up to such an extent that it can be torn by its own weight.

Apart from the beef brisket, we also serve delicious baby back ribs.
Our menu has a great depth to its simplicity.

Eat and drink to your heart’s content!

BEACHSIDE GRILL Kachibai is a 90-minute all-you-can-eat restaurant.
Our fresh-cooked menu items will be brought out before you one after another.
Just turn over your “chip” to indicate that you’ve had your fill.
Until then, the serving staff will put more of each new dish onto your plate.

チップ赤 チップ緑

Enjoy a fine drink with your meal

Ours is a wine buffet boasting more than 20 varieties.
Enjoy a combination of delicious food and excellent wine to your heart’s content: that’s the Kachibai way.