Latin night・yaeyama night 2022 Latin night・yaeyama night 2022

Enjoy “Latin Night” and “Yaeyama Night,”
two event nights themed around the music of Yaeyama and the music of the world,
with Latin music performed by artists who live on Ishigaki Island.
The integrated stage, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Fusaki Beach’s sunset—one of the most beautiful on Ishigaki—will deliver a heart-pounding (chimu dondon) live performance!

【 Date / Time 】

7:00 p.m. ~ 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

* Start time varies depending on the season.

【 lineup 】

  • Latin Night | Meli ARAKI
  • Yaeyama Night | Hiromi kinjo, Kaori Nakata

【 Live Viewing Information 】

  • ・Those dining at the restaurant will be given priority for viewing the performance, at no extra charge.
  • ・Those wishing only to see the live performance will be charged an entry fee.
    Charge: ¥1,000 (including tax)
    *This includes one drink, and advance booking is not required.

【 Additional Notes 】

  • ・There may be time changes or cancelations depending on the weather.
  • ・There may be a change of performers without prior notice.
  • ・The show will be performed in compliance with novel coronavirus prevention measures.
    We request your cooperation in disinfecting your hands upon arrival,
    wearing facemasks, and compliance with entry limits.


This performance will feature the singing talents of Meli ARAKI, a 4th-generation Japanese-Peruvian straight from the homeland of Latin music,
as well as percussion by Paulo and dancing by Patty: allow the enthusiastic Latin rhythms to enliven your summer evening!
We hope you will take in the exotic atmosphere created by this beautiful music.

Meli ARAKIOfficial site

Vocal, Guitar

Paulo Vargas




yaeyama night

“Yaeyama Night” will be performed in a lineup with Hiromi Kinjo and Kaori Nakada, singing and weaving the songs and music of Yaeyama,
centered on Ishigaki Island.
Her musical repertoire includes Tsuki nu Kaisha—a song that praises the beauty of the moon—and Asadoya Yunta with its well-known call of “Saa yuiyui,”
and the closing performance of Kachaashii (Mooyaa), which has become a staple of Yaeyama folk song shows and wedding ceremonies:
this performance will surely provide you with an enjoyable night that you can’t possibly experience anywhere but Yaeyama!

Hiromi Kinjo


Kaori Nakata