Experience scenery that is unique to our outdoor restaurant BEACHSIDE GRILL Kachibai!

As the sun sets,
your evening is just beginning

Laid out before you is Fusaki Beach,
offering one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.
The colors are constantly changing.



35 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport、15 minutes by car from Euglena-Ishigaki Ferry Terminal
Those coming by car are requested to use the hotel parking lot.
(Price: ¥500 / hour; Capacity: 288 vehicles* Overnight guests can use it for free during their stay.)

【Non-Overnight Guests】
There is no fee for parking up to three hours per vehicle, if you spend at least ¥2,000 in total in our resort.
Please show your receipt at one of the parking reception desks
( Front desk / RYUKYU SHINTENCHI / ISHIGAKI BOLD KITCHEN / Wellness Center ).
If you want to register more than one vehicle, please do them all together.
Receipts used once in the process cannot be used again.