Enjoy real American barbecue
in an exquisite restaurant

An outdoor restaurant facing the beach.
Enjoy authentic barbecue dishes
that are slow cooked at low temperatures,
as you gaze at the stunning sunset
and are gently caressed by the soothing sea breeze.


Eat as much as you like!

BEACHSIDE GRILL Kachibai is an all-you-can-eat restaurant.
With 12 delicious kinds of barbecue dish
including a tender brisket smoked
and roasted slowly over seven hours,
as well as salads and other dishes,
our all-you-can-eat menu items will be brought out
to you one after another.



A daily selection of live performances will be presented on the nearby stage.
Right by the beach on Ishigaki, an island of the arts that it is also known as
“the land of poetry, the island of song, the village of dance,”
you can enjoy chimu dondon (“heart-pounding”) performances to your heart’s content!


As the sun sets,
your evening is just beginning

Enjoy a relaxing time in a tropical setting,
as you watch the ocean glistening in the evening sun.